The Juicy Stuff

In this section, you will find all the bonus materials for all our online courses and much, much more!

This is where I share most of my practical tools that will help you

—open up your body to deeper and more natural sexual connections

—work with your mind to change unhealthy habitual thought patterns

—understand how emotions and feelings play a significant part, both in your sexual experiences and your life experiences in general.

—understand the difference between self-development and development of consciousness

In The Juicy Stuff, you will find guidelines for physical exercises, such as how to masturbate with consciousness, release sexual stress and trauma, meditate with The MicroCosmic Orbit, and breath and energy orgasms. You find writing exercises and explanations on creating our own reality. With these tools, you can decompose your current life situation and revitalize your life the way you really want it to be.

The Juicy stuff is a dynamic database, and it will often be updated with new tools to keep you interested in your own development as consciousness in a human body.


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