30 Days to Deeper Pleasure

30 days to deeper pleasure – finding your true sexual core.

Welcome to our program, ‘30 days to deeper pleasure’. In this program, I will share with you the secrets of reviving your own sexual core and your innocence and unlocking the joy of life. Sounds too good to be true? Follow the program for 30 days and I guarantee that you will feel the progress in your bones. If you don’t, we will be more than happy to refund your expenses; no questions asked.

This is a practical program and it contains, for the most part, practical assignments as well as inspirational videos and information about tantra and self-development. The program is directed towards you and how you find your own inner core and your true sexual life force. Regardless of whether you have a partner, your sexuality starts with you regardless. If you want to experience true union with another, you need to start by knowing yourself and your own body; if not, you are simply exchanging bodily affection with the other person and not experiencing love and true intimate connection.

We will be touching upon the subject of partnership love, but we will mostly be working on how you can develop deeper self-love and connect with your own physical body.

Let me start by explaining what happens often in peoples’ sex lives. You may recognize this from your own experience. As a child, you may be sexually curious and play around with yourself and other children simply because it feels good and natural and is fun. You may have some knowledge about how you must hide your sexuality; you may feel that the adults around you don’t like that kind of play; so, you hide it, but you still do it. Most often, the shame comes in later, when you understand that sex is something we don't talk about in the family. This leaves us to learn from each other as teenagers, to fumble around in the dark, hoping to get it right somehow.

These days, both sexes learn from porn; girls mostly learn from each other or by watching silly romantic movies that have no more in common with the nature of intimacy than porn does. This and the shame our parents unknowingly subject us to become our reference points for sexuality and intimacy, long before we begin to be sexually active with a partner, and when we do, we often carry a distorted image around in our mind. We get overexcited at the prospect of sex and/or romance and our nervous system shifts into the fight or flight, or freeze mode instead of a receptive mode. Basically, our body tells us to get away from the situation while our mind is razed with expectations of ecstasy. This, much too often, leads us to clumsy and painful first sexual experiences, which make us feel inadequate from the very beginning of our sexual “career”. Some people never get past the wounds of their first sexual experience and, therefore, never experience what it is like to have sex from the nervous system, which is in a receptive mode.

The scenario described above is the grounds for many of our sexual confusions. We know that sex is supposed to be good for us, that it is a natural part of our lives. Even so, when it comes down to it, we often end up in an intimate dry spell in relationships or jumping from one to another superficial sexual encounter in our single life. Neither is truly satisfying for us and do not lead us to experiencing the sex and the intimacy that we inherently know is part of life in a human body. We are missing out!

Yes, we are, for sure. All this searching on the outside for the perfect sexual or romantic partner is exhausting. We may look around and believe that everyone else is happy in their relationships or in their single lives, but statistics show that as little as 3% of married couples with children are satisfied with their sex life. 3%! That is ridiculous! Note that this is a survey in couples with children between the age of 0–5, so you may contribute a lot of this to breastfeeding, sleepless nights and the less-than-sexy living conditions most new parents find themselves in. But even so, the average couple has sex 1–2 times per week and the part where the sexual intercourse lasts between 5 to 11 minutes. Not very uplifting in my book – 5 minutes of rubbing with 20 seconds of satisfaction through a small orgasm. Oh, yea! I can feel the pain while I write this – I’m not sure that this is you, but for sure it used to be me!

Well, not anymore. This is what I want to share with you on this 30-day journey – how you can go from having a mediocre or slightly dissatisfying sex life to having a fully satisfying one with or without a partner. I use both agent tantric rituals and modern science to help you navigate and understand your own sexuality. This is transformation and transformation means doing things differently than you are used to. Some of the assignments may be more challenging than others and you may feel some discomfort as you move along, but in the end, you will hopefully feel more connected to your own core; you will have more knowledge about what brings you pleasure and how you can build ecstasy in your own body.

The following information has been provided just so you understand a little bit about how this works: Orgasm is a sensation in the nervous system. Our nervous system is connected to all the tissues of our body with receptors in the fascia (the fascia is the tissue that holds our bodies together and it surrounds every cell in our body, as well as bone and brain tissues). In case of most people, when our nervous system is stuck in the fight, flight, or freeze modes, we are not receptive to pleasure. We can still experience an orgasm that lasts for 10–30 seconds and releases the body of sexual energy, but we never experience the deeper satisfying orgasmic states that our nervous system has capacity for.

When we work on our nervous system and learn the difference between the fight, flight, or freeze and receptive modes, we learn to navigate our sexuality. We learn how we can use our sexual life force to relax and recharge the body. We become more open, loving and receptive.

I invite you to join me on this journey into your own body and your pleasure. There is nothing you need to know or do before you start. All you need is your own body and awareness of what is going on inside of you. You will be meeting yourself and your own pain and pleasure on this journey, but you will come out with an expansive knowledge of who you really are and what makes you orgasm.


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