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Workshop: Hold me, Love me!

An inspiring and deep workshop for couples.

In this workshop, we aim to inspire partners to use their intimate relationship as a source of replenishment, love, connection, and deep intimacy.

In a constantly changing and demanding world, our intimate relationship often suffers in the face of everyday stress, work demands, family, and other obligations. Unfortunately, we often put love and intimacy way down in the list of priorities, and thus our well-being suffers. Feeling drained and depleted from all the demands of life, it is not easy to find room and energy to be a kind and loving partner, and so often we just wish that the other one would grant us what we need instead of looking at what we can give. This pitfall of intimate relationships often leaves us unsatisfied both in love and sexuality, stirs up unnecessary conflicts in everyday life, and leads to break-up or painful compromises between partners.

 In this workshop, you will learn how to:

-         Deal with everyday issues in a mature and nurturing way.

-         Center in yourself and meet your partner from a mature stand.

-         Connect to your partner beyond words.

-         Awaken the sense of conscious touch.

-         Be present when receiving conscious loving touch.

-         Make space for your partner through emotional release.

 This is an entry-level workshop that eases you into the practice of being more conscious in your intimate relationship and your sexuality. It is a weekend workshop customized to help couples reconnect and explore intimacy in a deeper and more conscious way.


Workshop: My Love, My Life, My Body

Only for women.

In this workshop, we work with integration. Integration of spiritual practices into everyday life.

Conscious Sexuality for women is all about finding your own core, your boundaries and that sweet spot that makes you relax and open into the deeper part of you.

In Conscious Sexuality we work with the three major energy centres in the body, your clarity, your heart and your womb wisdom or deeper sexuality. Every woman knows, even from she is a little girl, that she carries this wisdom, this knowledge inside of her. She knows what is right and what feels good to her and that she is guided by her heart and her deep emotional connection to her life experience. When she comes into her body, she is pure love – that is the essence of her.

But, through our conditioning, we slowly and gradually loos contact with the innocence and the knowing of who we truly are.

In this workshop, you will learn tool that can help you on the journey back to your own core, your heart, your wisdom and ignite the sexual life force in your body again in a way that helps you grow in power and creativity so that you can create the life that you want to live.

We use bioenergetic exercises, meditation, movement, dance, and touch to go deep and release some of the things that are blocking us from living from our core and you will learn simple practices that you take home and put together for your personal daily ritual to strengthen your connection to your core.

Ingunn Tennbakk, workshop leader, has been working with tantra, conscious sexuality, trauma healing and energy healing/reading for more than 10 years and has helped hundreds of women get closer to their core and ignite their deeper sexual life force energies. She is trained in holding space for groups and will share from her wisdom and the tools that she has used to ignite her own womb wisdom. She is all about guiding you to get in deeper contact with your core.


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