Hi You,

And welcome to our school!

I bet you are curious, and maybe a little nervous? I know I was when I first started to take an interested in tantra and conscious sexuality more than eight years ago. I was quite biased and had a lot of judgments around both tantra and sexuality, and I just did not know what to expect.But my curiosity won over my caution, and I have never regretted that. Life is just feeling better and better after I discovered this way of loving and relating to others. I became a lover; a lover of life.

You see, conscious sexuality is much more than just sex. It is a way of being in life and relating to all things around us, and first and foremost it is about finding home to our own true core. Finding that place of love and interconnectedness that is inside all of us and bringing this to all aspects of life, also sex. That is why in Conscious Sexuality we talk about integrated sexuality. Sexuality as an integrated part of who you are and we teach you how to embrace pleasure and ecstasy as a necessary and natural part of your life.

Please take a look around at our website. You will find many gifts for you to enjoy, you can enroll in our online classes to go more in-depth or start your coaching program with me to explore your sexuality and how you can enhance your relationship through conscious sexuality.

So lovely having you!
I hope you stick around.

<3 Ingunn
SHEO and Founder at Oslo International School of Conscious Sexuality

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