About Us

The Oslo International School of Conscious Sexuality is a school based in Oslo, Norway. The school was founded in autumn 2016 on the basis of conscious sexuality that was founded in 2013 by Ingunn Tennbakk. Up until now, our basic business has been one-on-one sessions for private clients and physical workshops for larger student groups. In 2017, we launched our new online school in order to reach more people with our message of love and connection.

The school's main goal is to educate people in the subjects of intimacy, conscious sexuality, self-development, and healthy down-to-earth spirituality. Our teachings are based on science, psychology, tantra, meditations, and techniques in the development of consciousness. We are constantly looking for the best tools and updating our knowledge about all the subjects that are close to heart for us.

Working with the body, the mind, the heart, and the sexual life force energy, our teachings help you to open the pleasure pathways in your nervous system. Shed old beliefs about shame and suppression of healthy sexuality, and start using your life force energy in a healthy and healing way.

Conscious sexuality is a new paradigm school that bases its teachings on the belief that every human being contains the answers to the questions they have. We do not belong to any religion or base our teachings on any kind of historical religious directions, philosophy or principals, but base our beliefs in the new paradigm of personal empowerment.

By strengthening each individual and encouraging the inner marriage (the balance of the masculine and feminine energy), we see that intimate relationships, family connections, and even work relations become stronger and better. When we are connected to our core, we are able to make conscious decisions that affect our surroundings in a positive way.

Conscious sexuality is here to help the rise of consciousness on the planet and support those who are ready to step into the new paradigm.

About Ingunn Tennbakk

Ingunn Tennbakk (born 12 March, 1972) has worked fulltime as a tantric bodyworker, coach, and teacher for the last six years. She finished her education in conscious sexuality, mainly from the teachings of The New Tantra, from which she parted in 2016 after realizing that the teachings in The New Tantra were no longer in alignment with her own development.

Ingunn moved on to found her own school and is currently also working on the book project “The awakening of The BIG SHE” that is based on the new paradigm teachings. In this project, she is working to raise of consciousness in women and the open what is called the womb wisdom, or spiritual awakening, in the sex center.

Working with women to become empowered in their own bodies and awaken their true sexual nature, Ingunn has gathered a lot of knowledge about women’s pleasure and how to heal old sexual trauma, how to let go of shame and become loving, open, and secure in one’s sexuality. By working with the physical body, she helps women embody healthy boundaries and become authentic in their sexual expression.

Ingunn also works with men to help them get in contact with their healthy sexual core and both their authentic masculine and feminine side. She guides men to let go of sexual frustration, overcompensating sexual action, pornography addiction, and low sexual consciousness.

Having more than 10 years practice of rising her own consciousness, emphasizing on sexuality and relationships, she also gives speeches about women’s sexuality and about the change in sexual consciousness that is taking place on the planet right now.

Being a new paradigm teacher, Ingunn is not linked to any religion or historical philosophy but teaches directly from the source.


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