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Do you find yourself in a dry spell of intimacy or sex? Either within or without an intimate relationship? Do you feel like there is something off in your sexuality? Like there is supposed to be something more to life, but you can’t really put your finger on it?

Often, we underestimate the importance sex plays in our overall life experience. We tend to think of our sexuality as “something that should come naturally to us” and something that we don’t really need to pay much attention to. Or we learn from porn or glossy movies or magazines; but really, our sexuality seldom resembles anything we watch on the screen or write about, and all this information just takes up space in our heads, makes us confused, and leaves us with the feeling of inadequacy.

What I often find in my clients today is a distorted image of sexuality, mixed with insecurities, performance issues, shame, and many a time, physical issues such as impotence, lack of libido, pre-ejaculation, pain during intercourse, cramps, or in general, sexual dissatisfaction.

All of this is actually quite unnecessary, and often it does not take a lot of time and effort to clear up some of the misunderstandings which are at the base of the issues that people experience. When we learn to see our sexuality in a new and healthier perspective, most of our unhealthy beliefs fall apart on their own flawed premises. When we become clear and conscious about ourselves as sexual beings, we stop judging ourselves and others harshly, and there is no longer need for shame or (self) judgments to enter the picture.

Our sexuality is a natural part of our being. In fact, it is the part that creates life, and it is deeply linked to our creativity and our natural well-being. A healthy and natural sexuality, which is integrated with our bodily self, makes it a whole lot easier for us to set healthy boundaries and speak our own needs while understanding our partner’s needs. It makes it easier to establish the trust that is necessary for freer play in the realm of sexuality.

It is not clear how the problems can be labelled as “unnecessary”. Do you mean that these problems can be easily resolved? If so, please replace this with “All of these problems can be easily resolved”.

What can I expect in a coaching session?

Even though every session is carried out intuitively and they’re tailored to your specific needs, there are some common things you can expect from a coaching session.

Typically, you will have the chance to share your story and your current experience with the issue which led you to contact me. Together, we will explore your story and how the issue affects your current reality, how it holds you back from what you really want to experience. In these exploration sessions, I will lead you to your own understanding, and thus your own way out.

From the sessions, you obtain simple, usable cognitive tools that can help you turn around unhealthy thinking patterns. You can learn tools to work on your body, open up the deeper sexual life force, and start a deeper, satisfying sexual experience.

Couples coaching

So often, the spark disappears from the relationship in long-term couples, but it does not have to be that way. What we really want is to be able to mature together and build a lifelong relationship with lots of delicious and fulfilling sex and intimacy. We want to be loving and understanding partners, but often we fall into patterns of boredom and indifference instead and we feel stuck.

In the couples’ sessions, we work to uncover the unhealthy patterns in your relationship and work with tools that help you see each other as both partners and individuals with different needs.

You will learn how to discover and communicate your own needs in a mature and healthy way. You learn to listen to your partner and work together as a team to build a stronger bond at the same time, as you allow more personal freedom in the relationship.

You also learn how you can build a deeper physical intimacy and welcome deeper pleasures in your sexuality.

All session is online via Zoom Meeting (We will send you a link when you book a session). If you have already booked your session and wish to make changes, you can log in to make the changes online or call us on +47 91765211

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