What is Conscious Bodywork TM?

In Conscious Bodywork TM you work with aligning and opening the body to the deeper sexual lifeforce energy. Our bodies natural state is one of the free flow of energy between the lower and upper part of the body, but due to blockages in the physical body and most often in the pelvic floor and lower back the flow of energy stagnates in the body. Part of the reason for this lack of flow between the lower and the upper part of the body is the way we hold and suppress the sexual energy in the pelvic floor.

Sexual life force energy or Kundalini energy is supposed to travel freely in our body and infuse our lives with good health, strength, and creativity. When the energy channels in the pelvis, hip, and psoas area are blocked the sexual life force energy stagnates in the lover part of the body, and our natural life force feels crippled. This blockage in the natural flow can lead to lack of libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, vaginal pain, anxiety and emotional instability. By aligning the lower back and pelvic floor and genital area, the flow of sexual life force can arise in the physical body, and good health can be naturally restored.

Conscious Bodywork TM aims to start the flow of Kundalini or Sexual Life force energy in your body in a pleasant and natural way. Through the use of bioenergetic exercises, energy healing and conscious touch the blockages in the body naturally releases and let go to restore the flow of energy throughout the body.

Conscious Bodywork TM will help you restore natural health if you suffer from

-        Erectile dysfunction

-        Premature ejaculation

-        Pain, stress or tension in lower back and hip area

-        Lack of libido

-        Vaginal pain

-        Vaginal dryness

-        General stress or anxiety

Conscious Bodywork TM For women

In a Conscious Bodywork TM session, you will be guided into deeper contact with your physical body. By working on emotional release through touch and bioenergetic exercises you are guided to let go of old stress and emotional tension especially in the heart and pelvic region.

Women’s natural sexual health is most often linked to the connection between her cervix and her heart. Emotional pain is stored in the vaginal cavity and leaves her feeling numbness, pain and stress during penetration. Most women don’t know how to relax their body enough to open naturally to their authentic sexuality.

Through Conscious Bodywork TM you are guided to gradually open your body and when the body is ready and receptive, you can a Conscious Vaginal Dearmouring TM. A Conscious Vaginal Dearmouring TM is an internal massage of the vaginal cavity. The vaginal cavity stores emotional stress and tensions from prior sexual experiences and sexual conditioning. By gently and carefully massaging the vaginal walls and the cervix these tensions are released, and the natural flow of energy is restored to the vaginal area.

Conscious Vaginal Dearmouring TM is offered as part of a Conscious Bodywork TM Session when the receiver is ready to receive this deep therapeutic treatment. Undergoing this treatment is optional for the receiver and the educated Conscious Bodywork TM therapist will always ask for consent before engaging any kind of intimate or genital touch of the receiver. The decision to do a Conscious Vaginal Dearmouring TM is made in consent between the therapist and the receiver. The receiver can choose to receive a full Conscious Bodywork TM session without performing Conscious Vaginal Dearmouring TM.

Conscious Bodywork TM for men

In a Conscious Bodywork TM session for men, you will be guided deeper into contact with your physical body. The sessions aim to restore your contact with your natural sexual life force energy.

Most men are used to projecting their sexual life force energy out into the world and the friction based sexual practice (rubbing your genitals to the point of ejaculation) is not entirely beneficial to the masculine bodies natural health and alignment. The rhythmical movements of the friction based sexuality tend to create more tension in the pelvic area, hips and lower back then helping the sexual energy to flow up the spine and through the entire body. A natural, open and flowing sexual life force energy or kundalini flow through all of the body and make your body open and sexually relax instead of full of tension and sexual frustration. In a Conscious Bodywork TM Session the receiver is guided into relaxing and receiving mode so that he can fully enjoy the flow his own bodies natural sexual life force energy.

The help releases the tension in the pelvic floor and opens the flow of energy up the spine we offer Conscious Anal Dearmouring TM. Conscious Anal Dearmouring TM is a message that is performed to release tensions around the anus and in the rectum. In the psychosomatic body mind mapping the anus stores emotions such as fear and shame, to help restore the natural balance and release sexual trauma the region of the anus and the rectum is gently massaged to release tension. The prostate, which pays a significant part in male ejaculation and sexual health, is gently stimulated to release any tension and restore natural balance and health.
Conscious Penile Dearmouring TM is offered to release tension stored in and around the penis. The friction based sexuality tends to store stress and tension in and around the base of the penis. By gently massaging and pressing acupressure points in and around the penis, the tension in the tissue and muscles lets go and the natural flow of life force to the genitals is restored.

There is no ejaculation involved in a Conscious Bodywork TM Session. All sessions are given by a professionally trained therapist, and Conscious Anal Dearmouring TM and Conscious Penile Dearmouring TM is given with consent between the therapist and receiver as part of a Conscious Bodywork TM Session.

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