Tantra and Conscious Sexuality in the new paradigm

There is no question in my mind that we are living in an age of great change. The old systems and rules that we had been living under are coming to an end. We are in a transition phase between the old world and the new; and in this age of change, both the human consciousness and the human body is changing rapidly. We are shedding old patterns like motherfuckers and adapting new ways of living, new technology, and new ways of thinking almost on a daily basis. What seemed true and solid yesterday has changed today and no longer add up! The only solid ground we can find is in the center of our self—in who we really are.

Do you recognize yourself in this? Or does it sound like New Age mumbo jumbo to you? I assure you it is not, but even if we are all on this journey of awakening—not all of us have attained the level of consciousness that allows us to see ourselves and our environment with the clarity that is needed to understand the new paradigm. It’s not difficult for you to find out where you are in the process of this awakening.

If you dismiss this message as bs, you are living in the old paradigm. You are living as a “human monkey” and following the rules of society, culture, religion, and family without questioning them. You have very little or no contact with your true intuition, your higher self or true creativity. Chances are, you are working in a job only for the sake of earning money and you believe that this is the way to be in the world, to find a husband/wife, have some kids, hopefully some good times, and to work for survival. Chances are, you are so triggered by these words that you have already stopped reading, but don’t worry evolution skips nobody and you will have your chance as soon as you are ready.

If you are triggered, but still reading on, you are probably at the early stages of awakening and you are starting to open up to the possibility that there is something more to this life than working and procreating. You have started to question the way you live your life or the way you feel about the society around you. You are asking questions and looking for answers, you are ready to start seeking. Good. You are on the path to higher clarity.

If you are triggered, but you still recognize some of the things presented here. You feel curious and you feel like it is worthwhile to read on, then you may be a step further in your awakening. You may have heard of the new paradigm and started to read about it. You may feel like your intuition is becoming stronger and you feel being guided in your life experience. You are sure to sometimes feel like a fish out of water when surrounded by people that are still in the old paradigm. You may be starting to notice that you are watching your thoughts, that you have a commentator in your head who is commenting on everything that is going on around you. You realize that you are the one who is listening—observing, not the one commentating. You’re awakened in your mind.

If you don’t feel triggered but only curious, if you recognize the existence of a new paradigm, if you have been following spiritual practices like meditation and yoga, and if you are feeling changes in your body and your mind, you are well on your way to wake up. If you recognize that you have quite often acted according to behavioral patterns instead of intuition, but you are starting to consciously choose to act from a higher perspective, you have started living more in the new paradigm than the old. You are part of the greatest change taking place on earth in centuries, and you are truly an asset to all your surroundings—good going!

If you are one that has moved from the mind and found the access to your body and your heart’s intelligence, you are living the new paradigm as fully as is possible on earth today. Your God Force Kundalini energy is open, and the creative life force is opening the blockages in your body from the inside. Your spiritual practice is deep and profound. You know without a doubt that you have access to higher consciousness, and there is no question about you being guided by the source of all life. You are incarnating or have incarnated into the new reality.

You may find that you are on different stages of consciousness in different areas of your life. You can stay fully open and flowing in some areas of your life, and in others you lose the connection and fall back into the old patterns of behavior. Don’t worry—this is all part of the wake-up process. Area after area of your life will clear out and stand down as you are ready to deal with your patterns and take responsibility in your life. The trick here is to not be overwhelmed by these more unconscious parts of your life but keep asking questions and open yourself to receive the answer in every way you can. Life will find a way to grant you what you have asked for—with or without your resistance.

The whole journey into the new paradigm consists of recognizing where you are still bound by your old patterns: your old patterns of thinking, your old behavior patterns, and your way of perceiving the world. You may find your ego kicking and screaming inside of your head at certain parts of this journey, and you may find it deliciously silent in other parts. The more the triggers of the old paradigm dissolves, the quieter the ego becomes. The quieter the ego becomes, the more life force is flowing through you and the more your life unfolds in wonderful and unexpected ways without you having to strive to make it happen. Life becomes more effortless, more rewarding, and more exciting. You become less concerned about money and more concerned about staying in connection with your consciousness and letting life unfold through you in a natural way.

If you have read this far without falling off, thank you! You are on the path of understanding the new paradigm and the way our sexual life force plays a very important role in the awakening process and the process of “saving” mother earth. You see, our nature is way more intelligent than any environmental organization, any government official, or any Al Gore attempt to scare us into “saving the planet!” We are trying to use our fear-based egoic mind to save something that is in no need of saving because we believe that humanity is about to destroy the earth, and we need to stop what we are doing in order to save our own skin so that we can keep living on this earth. But hey! Look at nature. It wins over humanity every time. Humanity tries to conquer life, nature, and God in order to survive. But behind the curtains, behind that which is visible to the human eye is the consciousness—infinite intelligence, and it doesn’t care too much about the environmental organizations, the legislations, and the fight against global warming. The solution is already available, the questions of humans combined have caused consciousness to form the new paradigm to move earth from its current condition and into the new reality. All we have to do is to allow the solutions to present itself. All we have to do is listen to the consciousness, shed our old thinking and behavioral patterns, and watch mother earth heal herself as we simultaneously heal ourselves.

And what is in most need of healing in humanity? What is most damaged, most suppressed and most controlled—way more than drugs, unhealthy foods, subscription pills, crime, and acts of war? Our natural sexuality. Religion, politics, mass media, written and unwritten social rules, conditioning, and the general shame culture has put a thick veil upon our natural expression of life force energy through healthy sexuality. The general unconsciousness about our sexuality is so deep that most of us don’t even consider it unconsciousness but think that this is the way that it is supposed to be. Our history of sex is more connected to violence and commodity than love and connectedness. This is all part of the old paradigm—what we can call the patriarchal paradigm or the hierarchical paradigm. Like our old thinking and behavioral patterns, you can see the old paradigm withering away in the global society all around us. Old power structures are crumbling, and people are rising all over the world against totalitarian governments and injustice. News of terror attacks are coming from all over the globe. But where those that still live in the consciousness of the old paradigm see fear and chaos, the ones that are in contact with the new consciousness see the divine order and life playing itself out in perfect dance with the higher consciousness. Life living itself through the acts of men as it does through the rest of nature.

Most people that have started the awakening to the new paradigm see tantra as enlightened sexuality. I’m sorry to say, but tantra is also based in the old paradigm and must die as part of the awakening. No religion, belief system, tradition, or concept is part of the new paradigm. All of these are concepts of the mind and must die as the heart and womb’s (sex center) consciousness is opening and our divine nature is playing itself more out through humanity. As we are transitioning, it becomes more and more obvious that the goal of enlightened sex is not to have mind-blowing cosmic orgasms and dive into spiritual realms but to anchor us to our bodies as higher consciousness. To experience the presence of that which is the source in our sexual union, in our blood, flesh, and bone is the act of true enlightened sexuality—of conscious sexuality.

We are awakening into the age of Aquarius, the water human, the energy based human. The human that feels energy as a reality and not a concept of the mind. The human that is more connected to our true nature and to nature itself. This awakening is taking place in the body and the awakening of shakti, “the feminine sexuality”, is what is happening right now. In the old paradigm, sexuality was driven by our, mostly suppressed, masculinity—our hurt and violent side. The feminine part of us (both men and women) has been suppressed for so long that neither men nor women really know what it is all about. There are no scriptures explaining true feminine sexuality, and feminine sexuality has always been mystified or ridiculed as a power that was untamed or rigidly suppressed. It has not been explored at any length by humanity, tantrically or otherwise. The notion of the tantric goddess is still an archetype projected upon women by men and women who see themselves as more conscious in sexuality, but still it is an image of her as a divine goddess of love that salvages his sexual longings or one he can serve with his “divine” masculine energy. It is most often a search for spiritual high. It does not portray her as a full human being in contact with her divine nature, but makes her into some otherworldly object that can be worshipped and adored. It basically put an enormous amount of pressure on the female sexuality to undergo often lengthy and painful processes to open her body to become a divine mistress for the masculine.

Still, all the de-armouring in the world does not ensure that true consciousness will enter her body. She can undergo as many treatments as humanly possible and still not be fully present in her body (the same goes for his feminine sexuality, which is also awakening these days). The truth is that she cannot be forced open by the ways of the old paradigm but needs to be invited to open into her true nature by loving touch, relaxation, and healing. She is undergoing an incarnation into this blood, flesh, and bone reality, and as such, the body is changing into the body of the Aquarius—the energy human.

So, if you are one that is practicing tantra, it is time to move on from believing that tantra is the path to enlightenment. Tantra is a part of the old paradigm. It is part of old traditions and religion, and it still hooks on rules and regulations. Its belief system is based on what is right and what is wrong sexual behavior and it tends to take us further from what is real and true right now. This said, the techniques of tantra can be used to help us open into our bodies and the new paradigm if the dogmatic belief systems are left behind. Just as yoga is a tool of opening to higher consciousness, tantric techniques can be used successfully—especially in the early phases of awakening, to help the awakening process. But be assured, as you grow in consciousness, it is necessary to leave all techniques behind and start trusting fully in your own body and your intuition when it comes to all parts of life and especially sexuality.

We have to let go of the ide of the masculine and feminine being separate to attain a higher consciousness. Yes, we are born into different bodies with different genitals, but the true nature of humans is changing, and our core is more alike than it is different, no matter the gender. Consciousness comes in only one form, and as it incarnates into our human bodies our patterns of attraction will start to change. We will be more attracted to the display of life force energy. More attracted to that which we call feminine qualities. More attracted to the new paradigm energy of Aquarius.

In the transition, more and more female couples will form, and the rigid masculine will suffer. He will no longer be sexually attractive if he is not in contact with his own true core and his natural feminine qualities. This will, in time, take care of the overpopulation in the planet, and the virtues of the feminine such as relationships, love, and caring compassion will guide us towards the saving of planet earth in a more natural and blooming way than the old paradigm can foresee with its rigid plans built from the egoic mind.

All is well and always will be as life continuously unfold itself within the space of consciousness. The good news is that humanity combined is not powerful enough to conquer and destroy life on earth. But by taking care of our own awakening, we will save humanity one conscious mind at a time.


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