A Conversation with God

Uncategorized May 25, 2018



I would like to understand the thought of God on this subject that I’m currently contemplating. How can I stay in my connection to you when I work in this world?


Your work is to do my work and nothing else.


But what about others and their expectations?


Are they your God? Do you need their blessing to survive? Do you need their love and approval when my love and approval is all there is? You feel it with the warmth in your body when you are with me; When you are not, you feel empty and tired. That is when it is tempting to reach for the love and approval from others instead of turning inwards. Turing to the world for approval is also the pattern you have learned. It takes great courage to turn to me, but you know with all of you where you find your true abundance.

You feel it whenever you are connected and in conversation with me. Your spirit is lifted, and you are in the mind of God. Remember that the mind of God knows everything, and contains and...

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My kindness will fight you off any time!

Uncategorized May 06, 2018

People do the stranges things and me, myself the strangest of them all!

I have a problem with receiving. For the most of my life, I have unconsciously characterized my self as one who gives.

When I was about three years old, I sat on top of the kitchen table alongside my mother who was doing her hair. She was putting in thous old rollers to make curls, and I was helping her by giving her one by one, and I said to her in my little three-year-old voice “I am the one who gives!” My mother, dear heart, must have repeated this sentence to me like ten thousand times. How could she know the impact that it would have on me?

I am one who gives became my unconscious mantra, and that implied to me that I am not the one to receive. Followed up; I am the one who gives and combined with the scarcity thinking that there is never enough for everyone and you can see how dysfunctional this life mantra became. I am the one who gives no matter what. No matter if there is not enough for...

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Becoming free of Judgement

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2018

I used to think that I wanted to be free of judgment, but what I meant was that I wanted to be free of other people judging me. I wanted others to see me as flawless and perfect so that I could see my self as flawless and perfect and that others would know that I was right. I used to think that I needed other people to stop judging me so that I could feel whole. But that was before.


That was before I understood judgment and what it really means to be free of judgment. That was before I knew how my mind was tricking me; before I knew that all the power rests in me. The power to judge and the power to let go of judgment, not only of other but me. And, in truth that is all that matters.

I would look at you and think; why are you judging me!?! Have you ever walked even one step in my shoes?? Why are you so judgmental? Why is the world so judgmental? Don’t you know that all I want is to be good!? Don’t you understand that I always try to do my very best? But sometimes...

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Yea, but…

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2018

- The mantra of the ego

If the ego had a sound it would be Yea, but…

If I could erase a phrase from my language it would be Yea, but…

Yea, but… are the two words that create separation. The minute the mind goes Yea, but… separation is a fact. You may argue that it is a term of disagreement and that you are presenting a different view – but the term Yea, but.. only brings confusion. It is not really an answer to anything, and it is just a vague way to display a difference of opinions. Instead, you could just say; “I disagree with you,” or “I have another way of seeing this issue.”

Yea, but.. is a vague term in the conversation with another, but at least here it is out in the open where you can watch the damage it does unfolding in front of you. What about the Yea, buts… of your mind? How many times a day do you choke yourself by your Yea, buts..? Your brilliant mind comes up with yet another bright idea for having fun,...

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Becoming Human

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2018

- The resurrection of the «Christ»

Happy Easter everyone! Today is the day of resurrection and I hope you celebrate!

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that we all need to become Christian and adore Christ, I’m simply saying that the symbols of Easter carry great value for us and that it is at the basis of our spiritual practices and the practice of becoming fully human.

Personally, I don’t mind words such as Christ, God and the Holy Spirit, but if you do you can also use words such as Soul, Higher Self, and Source, or even Human, Life Force and Universal Consciousness. Or you don’t have to buy into any of concepts. Still, you have a human psyche, and we are all more alike than different. It does not matter what we believe in, what matter is that we understand the meaning of the process of crucifixion and resurrection.

In Conscious Sexuality, we talk about the embodiment. About coming deeper into the body and the life experience, being...

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How to manage Sex?

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2018

How to manage sex?

After working with hundreds of men, woman and couples in my coaching and bodywork sessions for the last seven years or so, I notice that some questions surface over and over again.

How to get an erection? How to keep an erection? Does he feel anything when I don’t feel anything? How to do sex when I already feel inadequate? Will he stay with me if I can’t orgasm? Will she still feel I’m a man when I don’t get an erection? And it all comes down to; How to manage sex?

Sweet, lovely people. Please, for your own sake, for just one second turn of the tabloid notions of sex as something that should be managed. Stop seeing sex as another chore that you need to do to be good enough for either yourself or your partner. Stop treating orgasm as a goal and finding your self not good enough when you can’t reach that goal! Orgasm is not a diploma. It is not a reward!

Shure, you can chase the orgasm by rubbing hard and adding as much friction as is...

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Seeking Love and Freedom

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2018

-          Do you ever have the feeling of losing yourself in a relationship?

Every week present itself with a different subject for me, and this week’s subject is the big question of Love and Freedom.

Traditionally, in my line of work, we tend to see the seeking of love as a feminine trait and the seeking of freedom as a masculine trait. But in me, this has always been naturally challenged. I have all of my life been seeking both love and freedom, and in essence, I see no difference between the two. I’m definitely most loving when I feel that my freedom is not threatened and as soon as it is I find it hard to love and I tend to feel that the person that I’m in a relationship with is taking away my freedom.

What happens to me when I feel my freedom is taken away by another is that I start to find excuses to why the other person is no longer worthy of my love. I project my feeling of being unfree onto my “loved...

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I have a dream!

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2018

- Mach 8th The International Woman's Day

As I walk through the streets of Oslo on the evening 8th March, a dream is formed in me.

I have just finished a beautiful healing session with a man who has newly separated his from his wife of nearly twenty years. A man who is heartbroken form lack of love from his feminine partner in life, and his own inner feminine and I realize that more than being a woman, I’m a force of feminine healing power.

I see my sisters marching in the streets shouting out their slogans in the fight for equality in political systems around the world, for equal pay and equal opportunities in education, in bringing down totalitarian regimes and in bettering women's healthcare systems. I realize that I have a far bigger vision for equality than most. While I find all the causes of equality between men and women valid and just; I dream of more.

I dream of the day when 8th of Mach is no longer a day where women fight for their right...

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Do you enjoy life?

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2018

I mean, not just when you think about it, but; Do you enjoy life? Life as is? As it comes to you in every moment with all its unforeseen messiness? Do you take in the beauty of the icy cold winter or the heat of the sun on your skin? Are you a lover? A lover of life?

In Conscious Sexuality, we talk about embodiment. But what does embodiment mean?

For me, studying embodiment started when I understood that my life experience was different from most and more similar to some.
In moments of embodiment, I would have the feeling of all of me being present in the moment and these moments felt magical or mystical and highly nurturing. It felt like silence, beauty and expanded awareness all at once and the world was perfect, absolutely perfect.

My first remembrance of this experiences was as a child. The moments of embodiment where more frequent back then, with the absence of worries in the mind of a child. There where grand moments of laying in the snow looking up at the northern lights...

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The Divine Feminine - Bringing light to darkness

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2018

A few weeks back I published my piece about the dark feminine and this time I’d like to introduce you to her counterpart of light, the Divine feminine?

Why do we do spiritual practices? What does it really mean to bring light to the darkness? Why are so many people on a spiritual path and what do they experience?
I see people taking seminars and doing their spiritual practices, doing yoga and meditation but I rarely hear of esoteric experiences. I hear others talk about energy moving and about theories on how you learn faster and become more present through meditational techniques or how to enter higher states of consciousness. I see many taking drugs like Ayahuasca and Mushrooms in ritual settings.  I know that they have mystical experiences when they do, but I seldom hear about them having the same mystical experiences from doing their spiritual practices – and isn’t the point to experience altered or higher states of consciousness without the enhancement of...

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