My perspective on #METOO

#metoo Dec 08, 2017

Yes. It has happened to me too; not once or twice, but over and over again. It has probably happened more times then I could count. I see it around me every day. In fact, it is everywhere; it is so thick upon us we can’t really perceive the full extent of it. It is like trying to explain what water is to a fish.

I encounter this in my sessions—with couples and with individual women and with men. It is all around us, and we are all a part of the problem. The question is, are we ready to be a part of the solution?

I have been a woman who has lived life to a great extent and explored sexuality at a deeper level than most around me. I believe our sexuality is clearly misunderstood, and we all share the confusion.

First of all, most women are not really aware of their own bodies. I’m not saying this to be mean, I’m saying this based on my own real-life experiences and the healing journey that I have been on through my own obscure sexuality. It took me years to...

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Tantra and Conscious Sexuality in the new paradigm

There is no question in my mind that we are living in an age of great change. The old systems and rules that we had been living under are coming to an end. We are in a transition phase between the old world and the new; and in this age of change, both the human consciousness and the human body is changing rapidly. We are shedding old patterns like motherfuckers and adapting new ways of living, new technology, and new ways of thinking almost on a daily basis. What seemed true and solid yesterday has changed today and no longer add up! The only solid ground we can find is in the center of our self—in who we really are.

Do you recognize yourself in this? Or does it sound like New Age mumbo jumbo to you? I assure you it is not, but even if we are all on this journey of awakening—not all of us have attained the level of consciousness that allows us to see ourselves and our environment with the clarity that is needed to understand the new paradigm. It’s not difficult for...

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