Hi and welcome to a free zoom conference for woman,

I’d like to welcome you to a “sneak a peek” at our upcoming woman’s workshop My Love, My Life, My Body. In this free zoom conference, I will let you in on some of the things that we will be doing on the workshop, but mostly I will be talking about women’s bodies and women’s sexuality.

The fact is that sooo many women are giving up on their sexuality today because they don’t really know our own bodies. We have never rally learnt about our sexuality besides from scars information in school when we where teenagers, lofty advice from woman’s magazines, pornography and the occasional guy who was really interested in giving orgasms to build his own selfasteam as a lover. All of this is way too shallow from the deep longing that every woman feels inside of our bodies. From working with my own body and other women’s bodies for more than 6 years as a tantric bodyworker I have learnt so much about how women open, what sex does to both our physical, emotional and energetical body. Sex for women is so much more than finding the perfect lover!
Our sexuality carry the seed of life and the seed of deep wisdom in a woman’s body. When awaken in a deep and lifegiving way our sexuality is the cradle for creativity, spirituality, motherhood and wisdom. By knowing just, a little bit more about how our bodies work and what we can do to start the awakening we can start the transformation in our own life and start building a better intimate future for our selves.

Pease join me for this free Zoom conference and learn a little bit more about your bodies potential for pleasure, freedom and connection in deep intimacy.

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