How to open up a woman – mens mini workshop

Are you a conscious man who would like to know how to open up a woman?
If you are curious on how woman actually work sexually and you would like to know more you are welcome to join us.
In this evening, we will be talking about women’s sexuality and what you can do as a man to guide her in opening. Women’s natural sexuality is quite different from what most men know and often it is hard for woman to explain because they don’t even know their own bodies and preferences due to the sexual conditioning of society and generations before us.
Both men and woman long for connection in sexuality and for us to go there we need to know more about each other and how our physical bodies work. Sex affects our hole being, our nervous system and our physical and mental health. Knowing more in depth about this subject can be of great value to you, both as a lover and as a man in general.
This evening I will be sharing from my experience as a tantric bodyworker, working allot with both male and female bodies, and from my personal journey as a tantric practitioner. This is a golden possibility for you to ask questions and talk about sexuality in a safe environment.
There will be only men percent besides for me as I find it easier for men to talk openly without women or partners around.
This event is limited to 10 participants. Be sure to buy a ticket to secure your space!
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