There has been a shift in consciousness and allot of people are feeling this in every day life. It is affecting us on multiple area and allot of people have the feeling of being in constant change. This is also effecting our bodies and our sexuality. Some people are struggeling with lack of lust, while others feel like their libido is running wild. Many people experience seeing their sexuality as separate from them self and experience lack of connection to their own bodies and to their lovers body.

There is a reason for this and part of the reason is that we are in constant change and growth. Sexuality is one of the hardest topics to talk openly and mature about and that is whay allot of people are experiencing resistance such as shame, looking for answers to their sexual suppression and restlessness in peak experiences and being quite confused about what is going on in their bodies and relationships.

Our sexuality is a true gift and learning how to master sexual energy is a jet pack of power into your life.
In this talk I will be tuching upon subjects like:

– The change in womens bodies and what you can do to help your body open up to deeper sexual/spiritual experiences.
– The link between sex, wellbeing and life force.
– What men can do to overcome their sexual fruastartion.
– How to be more attractive to your partner.
– How to mature into deeper sexual connection.

Welcome to the talk on Sunday! Cafe Funky Fresh Foods offer delicious vegan and raw food. Lot’s of healthy cakes to enjoy!

Date: Sunday at 18:00–19:30

Place: Cafe Funky Fresh Foods, Sørkedalsveien 1, 0196 Oslo

Price: Free

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